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Fraudulent Transfers, Alter Ego, Nominee and Successor Liability - I.R.C. Section 6321

Proper Notice of Deficiency Proceedings - I.R.C. 6212

Failed Installment Agreement Proposal - Collection Due Process Hearing

Failure to File Returns - I.R.C. section 6651

Notice of Deficiency - I.R.C. section 6213

Taxation of Discharge of Indebtedness

Passports - revocation or denial due to tax debt

Trust Fund Recover Penalty - I.R.C. section 6672

Innocent Spouse Relief - Income attribution rule addressed by Tax Court

Innocent Spouse Relief - Taxpayer obtains relief while still married

IRS planning increased collection activity against federal employees Thrift Savings Plans (TSP)

IRS institutes Early Interaction Initiative for Employment Tax matters

2016 Inflation Adjustments on Several Tax Benefits and Retirement Adjustments

2015 Inflation Adjustments on Several Tax Benefits and Retirement Adjustments

Court Affects Payments from Conservation Reserve Program

Texas Receives “High Performance Bonus”

Colorado Real Estate Transactions - What Rights are Included?

Missouri Legislature Overrides Vetoes on Taxpayer Friendly Bills

Changes to the Colorado Probate Code

How do you decide if an Offer In Compromise is a good way to resolve your IRS debt?

Final Regulations Issued for Use of Truncated Taxpayer Identification Numbers

Estate Planning and Charitable Intentions

Sample - How To Post

Professional Assistance With Long-Term Tax Delinquencies Can Be Key To A Turn Around

Income Tax Consequences of Terminating a Whole Life Insurance Policy

Brand Protection through Trademarking for your Brand

Why do I have to owe over $10,000 to get help with my IRS tax debt?

Anticipating a shortfall on your 2013 tax return?

How Estate Tax Exemption Portability Provides Relief

Tax Planning Opportunity! - IRS Updates Retirement Contribution Caps

Under an IRS levy and think there is nothing you can do about it?

Tax Responsibilities during government shutdown

Updated Guidance from the IRS on Innocent Spouse Relief

Why the use of a General Durable Power of Attorney is superior to Joint Ownership with Rights of Survivorship

Just filed a tax return and have a balance due you can't pay?

IRS delay creates special penalty relief for tax year 2012 return filers

Partial Payment Installment Agreements

Have You Received an IRS Notice of Intent to Levy?

DC Court Ruling Prevents IRS Regulation of Tax Return Preparers

Voluntary Classification Settlement Program Expansion and Temporary Changes

Buy-Sell Agreements

Trust Fund Recovery Penalties

"Fresh Start" Changes to the Offer in Compromise Program

Innocent Spouse Relief

Fresh Start Initiative from the IRS

Understanding the Voluntary Classification Settlement Program

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