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Caraker Law Firm provides a variety of legal services for individuals and businesses.  Our areas of practice focus on financial matters and regulatory compliance.  Our services include:

Delinquent Income and Employment Taxes

We have worked for over a decade with individuals and businesses experiencing problems with income and employment tax problems. We also work with other professionals that may have clients or people they work with that have these problems.  We can also assist with issues before the Missouri and Colorado Departments of Revenue.

Alcohol Beverage Law

For wineries, breweries and distilleries, we offer services to meet compliance requirements, examinations and delinquency issues.  We help to develop and organize the business structure for wineries, distilleries and breweries in order to best comply with TTB regulations. We assist with excise tax accounting and reporting; import and export contractual agreements; federal and state license applications; COLA's; niche marketing and product placements; and general business transactions. Whether you are well established or just opening, we can get you on the right track and help you stay there.

Estate and Business Planning

If you need to create an estate plan or need assistance with the administration of the estate of a loved one, we can help. We also offer services to those setting up or making changes to a business.